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    Ways to reduce the risk of breast cancer

    Many women nowadays are suffering from breast cancer. Some of them are lucky enough to survive, while the others are unfortunate. This is why, a lot of organizations worldwide continue to push their campaigns or events to make more people aware of the risks of breast cancer and educate them how to prevent it. Such campaigns also aim to help and inspire those women who have breast cancer and still fighting it.

    How to prevent cancer

    People say, “Prevention is better than cure”. This statement is very true. It would be a lot easier to take precautionary measures than to undergo treatment or look for the best cure. So, in this post, we are going to have a look at the simple things that you can do to reduce the risk of breast cancer.


    Avoid alcohol

    Studies show that one of the causes of breast cancer is alcohol consumption. The more your drink, the higher are your chances of having breast cancer. With that said, you should limit your intake of alcohol, or better yet, completely stay away from it.

    Alcoholic beverages, regardless of the type, contains toxins or substances that can cause harm to your body particularly its major organs. So, to reduce the risk breast cancer and other related health conditions, it would be great if you do not drink alcohol at all.

    Do not smoke

    Cigarette smoking is another deadly habit. Aside from breast cancer, it can also cause other serious diseases. For every cigarette that you smoke, you are actually reducing your life span. The smoke that tobacco products produce is very dangerous, not only for you but also for the people around you.

    Be mindful of your weight

    If you are obese, there is a higher chance of you incurring serious ailments including breast cancer. Therefore, it is crucial that you maintain a healthy weight. Monitor your food consumption and make sure that you engage in physical activities.


    Avoid a sedentary lifestyle

    People who are inactive have a higher chance of having breast cancer. It is then important that you exercise every day. You can also participate in sports activities. The more active you are, the healthier you would become.

    Watch what you eat

    In order to strengthen your immune system, it is essential that you eat healthy foods, particularly fruits and vegetables which are the best sources of vitamins and minerals. Strong immunity can definitely reduce the risk of breast cancer.…

  • Estació d’Esquí d’Espot (Pallars Sobirá)

    12/01/2007) Espot Esquí acull els Campionats Floquet de Neu i Espot-Interclubs
    Un total de 159 inscrits pertanyents a 10 clubs de Lleida i Girona participen demà dissabte en ambdues proves

    09/01/2007) El Català Pol Carreras guanya el Premi Internacional de Catalunya de Eslàlom
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    15/12/2006) Espot Esquí obre 7 pistes
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    07/12/2006) Espot Esquí ofrece un forfet conjunto con Tavascan, la Molina y Núria
    Espot Esquí ha llegado a un acuerdo con las estaciones gerundenses de La Molina y Vall de Núria y con la leridana de Tavascan para ofrecer un forfet conjunto para toda la temporada.

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    Tipus de Neu
    Gruixos de Neu
    Mínim :: 20
    Máxim ::30
    Remuntadors Oberts
    Kilometres Esquiables
    Desnivell Esquiable
    800 Metres
    Pistes Obertes
    Previsió per Avui
    Pont de la Purísima
    Sant Esteve
    Cap d´Any
    Dia de Reis

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