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Testolone, also known as RAD140, is a new supplement that is becoming popular among bodybuilders due to its muscle-building effects. Testolone is classified as a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM), which binds itself to androgen receptors in different parts of the body. The selective nature of RAD140’s application means that it attaches itself to muscles and bone tissues and poses minimal effects on other organs.

Ideally, RAD140 mimics testosterone, only that it targets specific muscles. The good thing about Testolone is that it poses minimal side effects. For starters, check rhtp for quality Testolone. To help you get started, here are some top uses of RAD140.

strong manBodybuilding

RAD140 is particularly popular among bodybuilders for its muscle-building effects. While there might be some alternatives out there, Testolone’s popularity is attributed to the fact that it does not pose the effects of conventional steroids. Therefore, if you are looking for a supplement that will help you grow your lean muscle mass, you should start with RAD140.

Breast Cancer Management

Besides its application in fitness or bodybuilding circles, RAD140 has shown some positives regarding fighting breast cancer. While research is still ongoing, there is enough scientific evidence to back up Testolone’s cancer-fighting ability. This SARM’s workings in achieving this feat are attributed to its ability to combat estrogen effects on cancer cells by suppressing the gene that creates estrogen receptors. Without adequate estrogen reception, the spread of cancer is further limited.

Weight Loss

While most people associate RAD140 with muscle gains, it also helps with weight loss. The fact that it aids in the growth of lean muscle mass means that it also increases the body’s metabolism levels. As much as RAD140 might spike up your metabolism levels, it is imperative to incorporate other weight loss practices such as dieting and to work out.

Cognitive Abilities

Androgens protect the brain in many ways. For instance, they encourage the replication of brain cells and suppress the accumulation of amyloid-beta. Protecting the brain cells from injury caused by amyloid-beta plaques is key to safeguarding brain cell damage and delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, some users report better sleep, which also plays a key role in improving the brain’s functions.  

While research on RAD140’s efficacy and safety are still ongoing, many users believe it is safer than testosterone therapies.